My name is Renae Frase, and I’m a dedicated sex educator. My aim is to provide excellent learning materials to help facilitate a sex-positive mindset, and sex-positive attitude in society.

This website is created for you, the sex educator. If you have stories, art, or other things you’d like to share, send them to me and I’ll review them for inclusion on this site. The criteria is simple: It must fit in one of the given categories. If you have something that does not “fit,” contact me anyway, I can always make room for quality material. Also, I will not accept any pornographic material or items using profanity. Anything with racial undertones will not be published. This site is dedicated to the sex educator and teacher, however, items are provided for everyone’s use.

Please do not submit any copyright protected material unless you own the copyright and give me written permission to use it. In some sections you’ll find jokes that have been circulating throughout the web for who knows how long. Names are not included with these jokes and I believe them to be in the public domain. If you see something here that belongs to you please contact me and I’ll give you credit or remove it – whichever you prefer, and you have my sincere apology. I will not knowingly place any copyright protected items on this site.

I continue to search the web for resources you may find useful. Your submissions in the different sections are needed and welcome. If you have any comments or suggestions please share them with me – this site is for you and I rely on you to let me know what should be included.

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