Bcurious Premium Black Fuchsia Massager Review

cv-1810350002I found the Bcurious Premium Black Fuchsia Massager to be quite smooth, having sensual curves capable of hitting just the right places. As it is rechargeable via USB cable, it can provide you with more amount of pleasure without the need of replacing batteries every now and then. The seven different functions on it ensure that you are able to find your exact pleasure level regardless of where it may lie.

As this massager is made up with water resistant material, you can play with it anyway you like without worrying about its well-being. Furthermore, its unique shape allows you to experience completely different sensations that you may never receive with a toy in the shape of a penile shaft.

I feel that when using such massagers, it is more about the kind and intensity of pleasure you can receive and Bcurious Premium Black Fuchsia Massager delivers just that. The brand also has several other premium and basic sex toys available in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

At its core, Bcurious Premium Black Fuchsia Massager is the best that a hand-held vibrator can get. It fits into my hand as easily as a computer mouse and can be used for pleasure by simply clicking on the one touch button. I adore its black and pink color and it’s very sleek shape. The massager kit comes inside a pouch and there’s a handy instruction booklet too, showing some excellent pleasure tips that I would have never thought of otherwise!