A beginners guide to the Rabbit Vibrator

 masturbation-facts_0I was recently reading this great shopping guide – while not my usual adult shop it was very informative. It occurred to me that women everywhere secretly compare notes and reviews about their rabbit style vibrators – one of the hottest topics to talk about!  Vibrators used to be seen as taboo – nowadays if you don’t own one you are in the minority according to the researchers from Indiana University, on this study!

So what exactly is the Rabbit Vibrator?

Rabbit or Bunny vibrators get their name because …

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Bathtime Fun

woman-in-bubble-bathI love soaking in the bath, just lying back with a good book and relaxing after a tough day. And yes, of course sometimes my hand would find its way under the bubbles and I would relax even more. …

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Bcurious Premium Black Fuchsia Massager Review

cv-1810350002I found the Bcurious Premium Black Fuchsia Massager to be quite smooth, having sensual curves capable of hitting just the right places. As it is rechargeable via USB cable, it can provide you with more amount of pleasure without the need of replacing batteries every now and then. The seven different functions on it ensure that you are able to find your exact pleasure level regardless of where it may lie.

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Rocks Off Mini Mates 10 Speed Fab Pink Review

cv-1842110032I always thought that a mini vibrator would automatically mean less powerful vibrations. However, to my surprise I found this one to be equally or perhaps even more powerful than some other vibrators I have used in the past. …

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Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit Pink Review

cv-1844630019I had seen rabbit vibrators at many of my friends’ places before and always used to wonder how they work or do they work at all?! The one thing that always stood out about them is that they all looked very cute! I found answers to my questions yesterday when I received my own Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit Pink vibrator. Oh my god it works and it works like anything!…

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Sex & Mischief Satin Animal Blindfold Review

cv-1748280006Manufactured by Sportsheets, The Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold comes in red, pink, animal print and black. I settled on the sexy and raunchy animal print –  Grrrrr….…

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