Outline Fonts

These fonts are hollow. This makes them good for cutout patterns for the bulletin board or for learning centers, etc. Younger students might enjoy coloring them as they learn the alphabet.
Outline Fonts | Novelty Outline Fonts

Fun Fonts

These fonts can make learning the alphabet more fun or you can use them to give a unique touch to bulletin boards, publications, etc. Look through these and give your imagination a field day.
Animals | Athletics | Bad Habits | Bears | Careers | Clothing | Communication | Drippy/Slimy | Entertainment | Health | Hobbies | Hot | Kitchen | Miscellaneous | Monsters | Music | Mythical and Prehistoric Creatures | Nautical | People | Party | Space | Toys and Games | Transportation | Weather

School Fonts

These fonts are useful in creating items for the beginning of the school year, i.e., promotional flyers, welcome bulletin boards, charts, etc. The creative teacher will find numerous uses for these.
School Days

Holiday Fonts

Need something special for that program guide? Want to create a special bulletin board? There is no end to the uses you’ll find for these fonts.
New Year’s Day | Valentine’s Day | President’s Day | Saint Patrick’s Day | Easter | Secretary’s Day | Mothers’ Day | Fathers’ Day | Independence Day | Halloween | Veterans’ Day | Thanksgiving Day | Christmas

Text/Typewriter Fonts

Looking for a unique or different font for everyday use? Possible uses for these fonts would be the text of letters, tests, worksheets, maybe even a student newspaper.
Typewriter | Publishing

Script/Handwriting Fonts

For a more personal touch you may want to use one of these fonts. Some of the handwriting fonts are so real it’s difficult to tell if it’s handwritten or printed on the computer.
Script | Light Script | Printing

Silly’s Selections

Silly insisted on having her own section. How do I describe this?
Masterpieces | Munchies | Scratching Posts | Vending Machines | Breath Mints | Musical Instruments | Toys

Decorative Fonts

Colored letters of the right design really help put the final touch on any decorative scheme. Browse through these to find just the right design for your learning center, thematic unit, bulletin board or other decoration project.
Gothic/Medieval | Floral | Ornamental | Display | Grunge | 3-D | Unique

Speciality Fonts

These fonts are set aside for the unusual project. Maybe you need to prepare something eyecatching for Social Studies or put attractive borders on your site.
Codes | Cultural | Corners, Frames, Borders and Dividers


Have you ever wanted to create your own rebus but didn’t feel artistic enough? Now you can! There’ll be something here to enable you to do just that!
Animals | Holidays | People

Want More Fonts?

I can’t possibly offer all the fonts so I’ve included a list of sites that also provides them.
Click here to go to this list.

Note From Renae

Do you have a font you’d like to see offered on this page? If so, contact me and we’ll talk about it. I only offer fonts whose creator has given me written permission to use them, or fonts that are clearly marked “Public Domain.” BTW, I am not responsible for the name of any of these fonts.

Special Thanks

I wish to give a special thanks to the font creators who have given me permission to offer their work. I tried making my own set of fonts and quickly found it takes a special talent. If you ever see a font posted on this page with my name on it, you have my permission to laugh. Silly could do a better job! Those of us who have a need for different fonts are truly blessed by the works of these artists.

Many of these fonts are free with no strings attached but some do have restrictions. Please be sure to check the “Read Me” file to find out what stipulations, if any, have been placed on the usage of these fonts.