Rocks Off Mini Mates 10 Speed Fab Pink Review

cv-1842110032I always thought that a mini vibrator would automatically mean less powerful vibrations. However, to my surprise I found this one to be equally or perhaps even more powerful than some other vibrators I have used in the past.

What I love most about this vibrator is its uniquely designed end or tip. All other vibrators I have used had a phallic head or to simply put, a head in the shape of a penile head. Others had a really tapered head that didn’t provide the kind of sensations I wanted.

To be honest, I never knew the kind of sensations I really craved for until I got Rocks Off Mini Mates 10 Speed Fab Pink vibrator in my hands! Although it curves slightly at the tip, its end is blunt. I love the way it feels when I insert it properly into my vagina and rub it against my G spot. It covers up more area and provides wider vibrations throughout the G spot, thereby resulting in some really amazing orgasms!

It has a very soft and smooth feel to it as well, which is nice. I have found it to be far better in comparison to those hard plastic or jelly based vibrators. I would say that this one is for you if you have been looking for something that is small and discreet and doesn’t have a huge price tag on it. I bought it only a week ago and just can’t put it down!